Schedule Geography (Opt.) Test Series June 2018

GEOGRAPHY Paper I (2017) Comparative analysis with GUIDANCE 500+ July 2017

GEOGRAPHY Paper II (2017) Comparative analysis with GUIDANCE 500+ July 2017

 Guidance Test Series

  1. You don’t need to evaluate and compare various institutes but you need to prepare. (Waiting for good time is Wasting Good Time!)
  2. Instead of waiting & thereby wasting your time, you need to utilize your time right from the moment you decide to become an IAS.
  3. A lengthy process of preparation with heavy competition, patience and dedication with regularity of revision, identification of focus area and right evaluation is needed to clear the exam. Hence we are conducting 15 GS test (12 topic wise & 3 comprehensive). The test will incorporate all topics at least 5 times (i.e. by the end of July 2015) thereby ensuring continuous revision and regular practice (as in examination environment) which are two most important strategy to ensure success. Each test will have current affairs questions as well which will again keep the students abreast of latest news and their relevance with the traditional topics.

For example

  1. The comprehensiveness of the tests increase from the first test to the last one. (Which you can refer in the test programme) thereby accommodating yourself gradually to the “tough preparation mode” of this exam.
  • Test 1 to Test 7 – 2 topics
  • Test 6 to Test 10 – 3 topics
  • Test 11 to Test 12- 4 topics
  • Test 13, 14 & 15 –Comprehensive

This will ensure that you will be at your preparation peak when you have to give the final exam on 23rd August 2015.

  1. Every exam requires study & every success need practice, which will be done here. PT program prepares you, make you evaluate yourself & make you ready for the Final Exam. This must be understood consciously.
  2. The question on each topic will be covering areas comprehensively. This will keep you updated on the basics of any topic in relevance to the contemporary issues. For example 

               test general description    

  1. Many students feel difficulty in learning by heart & the only alternative to this is regular revision which will be done here. (15 test on GS)
  2. Every test will be on particular theme in each topic & that theme with reference book list will be given 15 days before and hence sufficient time will be there to prepare on the topic. This assures the source of question & this makes you study & prepare in a strategic, compact & smart manner.
  3. Current Affairs piles up with every day and the amount of questions expected to come is 20-25% average. General Studies content remains same and approximately 75% questions can be expected from this part. Thus the above theme based test module for preliminary will be incorporating this aspect of utilizing your efforts for maximum marks in the exam. (Statistics/analysis of previous years paper explains this)
  4. Every fortnightly list of important topics appearing in current affairs & its relevance to various GS topics(i.e. polity, geography, history, economy etc) will be mentioned which will keep you abreast of all the important topics possibly expected in the exam. This effort requires quiet enough “time” which candidates are generally short of.
  5. Every exam has its own mode of preparation. Strategy to deal with Preliminary Examination is discussed below:
  1. By Regular Revision.
  2. Should be able to read the question paper 3 times in the exam.
  3. 5 minute should be taken to flip through the questions.
  4. 45 minute to solve the paper on first reading (because here you either know or not know).
  5. 30 minute next round – solve those questions which are marked and can be solved with some logic or calculations or stressing your memory.
  1. Open & free mind
  2. Developing your aptitude.
  3. Start from the section you are comfortable with & which takes less time.
  4. You cannot afford sticking to any question for more than 1 minute.
  5. Should be able to complete 15 minute before.
  6. A tleast solving 40-50 test papers will make the hard easy.
  1. Solution to the question will be provided post-exam. On the day of discussion, printed matter of the correct solution along with brief description of the issues asked will be provided. Thus, you will get some material on the topic as well correct answers and would be able to evaluate your performance more scientifically.
  2. A team will be available to individually cater to the needs of the aspirants and guide/prepare success plan for individual student.