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Guidance is a world of creativity, inspiration and ambition where students become lifelong learner and develop necessary skills to crack this examination. It’s a world where innovation is the rule, not the exception.

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I am JUNAID AHMAD , All India Rank 3 in CSE 2018. Geography played an important role in my whole preparation and selection in civil services 2018. It helped me in improving my general studies answers along with the optional. Guidance IAS provided good content and missing links which were required to crack this exam. Hope in the future also, the institute will help in realising the dreams of many other aspirants.

I am Mohd Abdul Shahid, got rank 57 in CSE- 2018 & it was 4th attempt. I came to know about Guidance IAS in 2018 and I joined the test series batch in same year. All in my previous attempts the scores in Geography Optional were very low. It was 210 in 2016 and 241 in 2017 which were acting as hindrance for the final selection. This year I got 304 in Geography optional and Himanshu Sir played very important role, in my success. In paper-1. There is a lot dearth of content in generally. Sir has beautifully explained all those content which helped me to get 151 marks.

My name is Shivansh Awashti. I was able to secure Rank 77 in CSE 2018. I joined the 500+ batch at Guidance IAS and it was immensely helpful for my preparation. I gained conceptual clarity of topics like Geographical thought etc. At the same time Himanshu Sir’s strategy helped in tackling application based questions of paper II. The teaching experience of Himanshu Sir has made him understand the demand of UPSC and he focuses on those areas specifically. Many questions in the paper were directly or indirectly from his classroom notes. Thank you sir for your guidance.

Myself Gaurav Gunjan, I have secured All India Rank 262 in CSE 2018. I would like to thank Himanshu Sir for my success. I failed twice to secure any rank in my last two attempts by few marks, thanks to Geography. However, I was fortunate to enrol myself in Guidance IAS’s 500+ program which enriched my content and helped me write good answers. I am deeply impressed by dedication shown by Himanshu Sir and the hard work he puts in teaching for that I wish him best of luck.



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