Geography Optional Test Series

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In the recent years UPSC has become notorious for “butchering” the popular optionals like Geography and Public Administration. Prior to 2008, there was a trend of UPSC asking questions from a well-defined syllabus having a fixed scope. Also, the questions used to be direct and it was possible to score well simply by preparing from the “established” sources.

But not anymore!

After 2008, UPSC has moved way beyond the “established’ syllabus and is now venturing into the realm of unpredictability. The questions asked now are dynamic and application based having a close linkage with the underlying concepts. The truth is, UPSC has exhausted its pool of “traditional” questions and is now asking questions not only from esoteric topics but also from the well-defined syllabus, but with a twist (i.e. application of concepts, allied concepts, concepts in conjugation).
So, in order to score well in Geography Optional, you have to move beyond what you have already been doing. What everyone has been doing. You not only have to master, traditional topics but also prepare for “non-traditional” topics UPSC test you on.
That's where "Guidance Optional Test Series" helps you. Our tests are designed in such a way that they not only help you master the traditional areas of syllabus but also prepare you for the unpredictable.

Some features of our Test Series:

Established track record of producing toppers (AIR 5, AIR 25 & AIR 109 and many more in CSE 2018)
Our test series questions will be at par with UPSC questions.
Intensive discussions of 4-5 hrs after every test
One to One feedback for students who need it
Regular interaction and discussion with the Top Rankers of Guidance AIR 5, AIR 25 and AIR 109
Modular Tests III and V as well as Comprehensive Test paper II will have compulsory Map Question.
Flexibility of one week will be given to the students for writing the tests from the scheduled date. (In any case, tests cannot be preponed.)
Tests discussions will be held on the same day after the tests.
Tests discussions will also be available online for Guidance students.
Up to date Study Material will be provided immediately after tests.
Checked answer sheets will be available within 10 days of students writing the tests.
For Modular Tests I and III, compulsory one to one sessions with Himanshu Sir will be held for each student. For other tests, students can approach sir if they have any doubts or queries.
For online students, compulsory one to one sessions with Himanshu Sir will be held through phone or other communication mediums as available.

Each student will get a profile page, on student portal of Guidance website, where he/she will be able to track his/her progress; compare answers with respect to the best answers written by students in the tests; get ranking according to performance and engage in discussions with the peers

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