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Terms & Conditions

Undertaking (Please read carefully)

  1. I have taken admission to the institute by my free will and only after being thoroughly satisfied with the counseling process.
  2. I made fee payment against the issuance of a proper fee receipt, duly stamped and signed. I shall preserve the same till the end of the course.
  3. I fully understand that the fee paid by me is NON- REFUNDABLE & NON TRANSFERABLE.
  4. I shall carry my Identity card, issued by the institute, whenever I visit the institute premises for attending lecturers or any other work.
  5. I commit that I shall be regular and punctual for the lectures, workshops and meetings. I shall be seated at least 5 minutes before the scheduled time of commencement of the classes.
  6. I understand that the timing and the venue of lecture may be altered by the institute if the situation so warrants I will adjust my schedule accordingly.
  7. I understand that any form of audio or video recording of the lectures is not permitted. I shall not use any recording instruments without the written permission given by the director of the institute.
  8. I understand that all the study material distributed and presented at the institute is copyrighted. I shall not use such material for any other purpose except for my personal references.
  9. I understand that I shall abide by the high moral/ethical standard during my stay at the institute and in no case go against it.
  10. The institute reserves the right to terminate my admission for violation of any of the rules stated above.
  11. I understand that in case of any dispute, the decision of the director(s) shall be final. Legal dispute will be subject to Delhi jurisdiction only.
  12. I understand that all the services provided in the student portal will be deactivated within 10 days, after the completion of course.
  13. Attach the PT ADMIT CARD or DAF without which the admission will be considered as incomplete.
  14. The access of can be extended in case of delay in writing the Test, by paying Rs.500/ month, to a maximum of 3 months. Only applicable to 500+ & Test Series courses.