Geography Optional Flexi Test Series Mains 2019

Geography Optional Flexi Test Series Mains 2019 See Details Pay Online

“Year-Long Flexi Test Series Programme”
Guidance IAS Geography (Optional): “Flexi-TEST SERIES” FOR MAINS – 2019 (ONLINE): 'Year-long Scheme' with Comprehensive Evaluation and Feedback


(NOTE: The following details are applicable to only ONLINE Mains Test Series – 2019.

These tests are flexible. You can schedule these as per your convenience and submit for evaluation. The following post is about year-long test series which is being launched keeping in mind the interests of various sections of UPSC civil services aspirants' community.)

* Date/Day: Unlock the Test as and When you are Prepared.

* Timings: As Per your convenience (Request for unlocking the Test Must be done within the office hours: 10:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.)

Test Syllabus
Modular Test I SAT I
  • Models, Theories and Laws in Human Geography
  • Perspectives in Human Geography
  • Population Geography
Modular Test II SAT II
  • Geomorphology
  • Climatology
  • Oceanography
Modular Test III SAT III
  • Economic Geography
  • Settlement Geography
  • Regional Planning
  • Biogeography
  • Environmental Geography
Modular Test IV SAT IV
  • Physical Setting
  • Resource
  • Agriculture
  • Industry
  • Transport, Trade and Communication
Modular Test V SAT V
  • Cultural Settings
  • Settlement
  • Political Aspects
  • Regional Development and Planning
Comprehensive Test I Paper I
  • Full Syllabus of Geography Paper I
Paper II
  • Full Syllabus of Geography Paper II
Comprehensive Test II Paper I
  • Full Syllabus of Geography Paper I
Paper II
  • Full Syllabus of Geography Paper II

"Last chance to excel in your preparation for UPSC-2019 and get a Comparative EDGE!"

New Features:

  • Self-assessment Tests at the beginning of every module where each student will be able to test his initial level. Each of these tests would be accompanies by a discussion video on the test and general strategy discussion for preparation of the modular topics.
  • The study material will contain handwritten model answers by toppers of CSE2017.


  • Topics of Contemporary Issues from Paper II are included with related topics of other sections.
  • Modular Tests III and V as well as Comprehensive Test paper II will have Compulsory Map Question.
  • Tests discussions will be available online on the portal as and when you will unlock the Test.
  • Evaluated copies will be uploaded within 10 business days of submission. We will go extra mile to ensure that you will get evaluated copies within 10 working days (excluding any Saturdays/Sundays/other holidays in between).
  • Your strengths and weaknesses will be identified so that you get to know what to stick to and what to improve/work on. These will be written in your answer booklet comprehensively so that you can go back anytime and work on our feedback (i.e work on your mistakes)
  • For Modular Tests I and III, compulsory one to one sessions with Himanshu Sir will be held for each student. For other tests, students can approach sir if they have any doubts or queries. For online students, compulsory one to one sessions with Himanshu Sir will be held through phone or other communication mediums as available
  • Each student will get a profile page, on student portal of Guidance website, where he/she will be able to track his/her progress; compare answers with respect to the best answers written by students in the tests; get ranking according to performance.

Course Fee Structure

Basic Fee G.S.T Total Fee
New Admission 10,595 C.G.S.T.+S.G.S.T. = 1907
  • Fee can be paid online on the Admissions page of the website or through offline mode at the Guidance office.
  • Students of Guidance can avail the discounted fee only through offline mode at the Guidance office by showing the previous fee receipt or Guidance identity card.