Daily Map Work Programme

Daily Map work schedule October 2019

Maps and diagrams are an integral part of Geography Optional. Even though in the recent years the weightage of Map Pointing has been reduced (From 60 marks to 15 marks), its importance has not. Map pointing still plays an important role in the final selection and this is evident from the fact that all the top rankers at Guidance have marked 7 to 9 entries correct.
Hence, you can neglect Map pointing only at your peril. But we have got you covered. Guidance has launched Online Daily Mapwork Programme for Mains 2018. In order to be holistically prepared for Geography Optional you should join this programme without further delay.
Highlights of the programme
  • On each session day, a video covering about 15 entries from the mentioned topics will be uploaded at 12:30 PM.
  • On the test days, 10 entries would be asked similar to the examination. Students are expected to answer them in about 15 marks so that they are able to simulate exam hall conditions. The answer sheet must be uploaded within 24 hours after which the option of upload will close.
  • After 24 hours the answers with accurately marked locations will be uploaded.
  • The tests are progressive in nature. In other words, the following test will automatically include the syllabus of previous tests. For example, Test 2 will also contain questions from Test 1; similarly, Test 3 will contain questions from Test 2 and 1; and so on. This has been done so that students regularly revise the previously completed sessions.
  • Session 71 to 90 are revision tests where students would be asked 10 entries each per session.
  • The programme will cover the places in news.
  • An orientation lecture, which will include the technique of accurately pinpointing locations on the map, will be uploaded on 15th June.

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