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Nature Of Geography Syllabus

A closer scrutiny of the geography syllabus clearly reveals that it has two broad type of topics.
The first category of topics, constituting majority of about 75%, have a well established scope. This makes the preparation of these topics comparatively easier.
The second group of topics constitute about 25% of the syllabus. These type of topics, although comparatively less in number, are difficult to prepare. This is mainly on account of the vague & vast scope of these topics. The number of possible subtopics from each of these are huge which makes their preparation a herculean task.
Before 2008, almost 90% of the question asked in the examination were from the first category i.e., the majority category and that too straight forward. This made the task of students as well as coaching institutions easier. Most of the questions asked in the exam were from the areas covered by these coaching institutions.
After 2008, there has been a tectonic shift where the nature of Questions asked from the first category of topics has become more analytical and challenging and large number of questions asked are from the minority category which is difficult to prepare.
However, it is bemusing that even after 9 years since the trend started, most famous coaching classes of geography continue to follow the same old methodology. They still give very less significance & time to these topics. Ultimate result is that the aspirants suffer in the examination even after giving their sweat & blood.


Here at Guidance we are well aware of the above mentioned changes. Accordingly, we have designed our course in keeping with the present requirements. Through the Geography@500+ Programme we try to comprehensively deal with both category of questions.
Focusing on the integrative nature of Geography is a key feature of our programme. While covering the topics we pay special attention of the linkages between the topics as well as with contemporary events.
Key to success in the mains examination depends upon the writing skill beside knowledge. Keeping this in mind we make our students to write more than 500 questions.
In the 500+ Programme, we pay special focus on Human and Indian geography; contemporary case studies and examples.
Relevant questions of the previous years, both from Paper I &II, are covered through the 500+ Programme.
For the last three consecutive years almost 50% of questions directly and rest indirectly were covered in our 500+ Programme. (A comparison of which can be found at
Excellent track record in selections in civil services examination in the past few years. In CSE 2017 our students have secure excellent ranks including Rank 5, 25, 109 and many more. Also four top marks in geography are our students including Rank 5: PrathamKaushik – 327 (166+161); Rank 109: Dhruv Mishra – 318 (150+168); Rank 411: SaiKiran DN – 316 (164+152); Rank 423: DheerajAgrawal – 315 (164+152); and many have scored 290+.

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