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Warm-Up Stage: “Back to BASICS”: “NCERT (Old + New)” MCQ’s and Subjective Questions will be uploaded on the portal

The Course has been divided into 4 Parts as discussed below:

Part A
Topics Covered:
Geomorphology Climatology Oceanography PAPER-1
Perspectives in Human Geography Population Geography PAPER-1 (Physical Geography)
Part B
Topics Covered:
Biogeography Environmental Geography
Economic Geography Population & Settlement Geography Regional Planning PAPER-1 (Human Geography)
Models, Theories and Laws in Human Geography PAPER-1 (Human Geography)
Part C
Topics Covered:
Physical Setting Resources Agriculture Industry: Evolution of industries
Transport, Communication and Trade
Part D
Topics Covered:
Cultural Setting: Historical Perspective of Indian Society Settlements Regional Development and Planning
Political Aspects Contemporary Issues

Course Fee Structure

Basic Fee G.S.T Total Fee
New Admission 10,000 C.G.S.T. = 900
S.G.S.T. = 900
  • Fee can be paid online on the Admissions page of the website or through offline mode at the Guidance office.
  • Students of Guidance can avail the discounted fee only through offline mode at the Guidance office by showing the previous fee receipt or Guidance identity card.

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